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MAY 12 2015

Tata Power implements island system at Haldia to provide uninterrupted power supply

  • Economic Times, ET Bureau / Hyderabad
  • Created: Tue 12th MAY 2015

Tata Power Company implemented "island system" for power supplied to its consumers at Haldia in West Bengal, which will ensure continuous supply of electricity the town even during grid failure, the Tata Group power utility said Monday.

 The islanding system is increasingly being used by cities to ensure reliable power supply. In case of breakdowns in the grid, the islanding system automatically isolates itself from the rest of the grid and ensures that generating units continue to function.

  "The system will help us in saving our units during grid disturbance by isolating our units along with a matching load. This will in turn help us to reduce forced outages and help restore the grid after a failure," said Abhijit Ain Das, Chief of the Haldia power station.

 During the national grid failure in June 2012, cities across India witnessed power failure whereas Tata Power's Islanding System ensured that Mumbai had an uninterrupted supply of power, the company said.


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